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Best Travel Sites Blitar in East Java

Blitar is a region located in Provins part of East Java. Blitar city is located about 167 km southwest of Surabaya city and 80 km the city of Malang. We we hear Blitar in East Java yan terbesit in our memory is the first president of the Republic of Indonesia Ingestion namely Soekarno. In addition Blitar city is also known as the Proclaimers city and town map (Defenders of the Homeland). Indeed, a lot of history located in the city of Blitar, apart from Blitar city it is also famous for its various tourist attractions are very beautiful and fascinating. Well if you want berliburr in the Central Java city of Blitar. Then guarantee you will not be disappointed, especially if you are visiting with family, relatives or spouse saudar. Want to know what existing tourist attractions in the Blitar? Immediately, note the following review!
This is the Best Place Blitar in East Java

Mount Butak
Tourist attractions Blitar city, Central Java, which first was Mount Butak. Mount Butak is a stratovolcano located in East Java, Indonesia. Mount Butak also located near Mount Kawi. According to the history of Mount Butak eruption was never found until today. Well for those of you who like climbing a mountain, in Blitar making the climb in one of the mountain in Blitar is Mount Butak. Butak mountain is a mountain that is administratively entered the border area of ??Malang and Blitar. One lane climbing Mount Butak at once a favorite track of the climbers is through Sirah Kencong located in Blitar. When you do this Butak mountain climbing in the course you will be presented with a very beautiful scenery. You will see the garden hemparan to bring green landscape refresh the eyes.

Turkish Tambakrejo
Well for those of you who like the beach resorts you can visit in one of the beaches in Blitar ie Tambakrejo Beach. Tambakrejo beach is one of the favorite beaches snagat in Blitar. Patai which has white sand and blue water colors certainly make anyone who saw it enchanted. Tambakrejo beach located at Tambakrejo Village, District Wonotirto. To reach this beach takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour drive from Kota Blitar with the distance of about 30 km. Panti Tambakrejo is appropriate to visit when traveling with family. This is because this beach has waves that are quiet so it would not membayakan for small children. Another unique sight when the late afternoon, you can see the fishermen returning to sea with fish-ikans bring fresh catch.

temple Simping
Tourist attractions Blitar in East Java followed was a temple located in Sumberjati, Blitar, Indonesia. This temple is the tomb of Raden Wijaya who died in 1309. The current temple scallop shape is not good anymore, though so buildings are nearly flat ground premises of the evidence that the temple is a scallop. By and stressed the existence of candiini written in the Book Negarakertagama CANTO XLVII third part. Simping temple is located about 3 km from Ganesha statue Boro. Simping temple itself is relatively easy to achieve because it is located in the path to the beach and Caves Embultuk Tambakrejo.

Many explanations of the sights are in Blitar, East Java, what you can say.
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