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Tips For Becoming Sahur Fun with Family

Aktivitas eat Sahur is conducted prior to fasting especially during Ramadan. Sahur can say is obliged to do katena, food consumed when the meal is berfungdi as the provision of energy to the activity during the day when the body is fasting. As we know fasting itself is menaham to abstain from activities such as eating, drinking, and many others. In connection with the fasting sbentar again will we welcome gladly course, there are many preparations you have to do, salahs atunya is preparing to do the meal before fasting the next day. In this case a lot of people complaining to feeling lazy to do the meal with a variety of reasons such as the sleepy, lazy, and many others.

Now is why this article will give you some tips to make your last meal be fun with the family. But before we discuss about these tips, there is one thing you should know. Nowadays a lot of people who do bad habits without them knowing that sleep after a meal. Whereas the common practice is not good because it can cause various health problems. Among the causes of obesity, stomach acid, cholesterol and many others. So because of that start dai now do not ever do these bad habits. Already curious to know tips to make the meal to be enjoyable? Immediately, note the following review!

Here Tips Sahur Become Fun with Family

Sleep early
If you want your meal time into fun then the first thing you should do is have to organize your time and your sleep schedule during the fasting month. Change your sleep schedule and hours earlier than usual. Due to the faster sleep will make you get up early with a fresh body and certainly will be much more enjoyable.

face wash
There are many trivial factors make a person lazy when dawn is not a face wash. Preferably at a time prior to the meal would be nice if you first wash your face. Because the face wash is an effective way to relieve your sleepiness. In addition to washing the face would show up positive energy that makes someone avoid the sleepiness.

Using Warm Clothes
As we know Shur done on the eve of the still-dark morning. Situations like that cold atmosphere would still deeply felt. From that more or less makes many people become lazy and prefer to sleep. Moreover, plus the incredible sleepiness make meal time into terlewarkan. So to prevent this from happening then you should use warm clothing in times of dawn. If the warmer body naturally you become a pleasant meal time.

Doing the activity after a meal
Many useful activities that can be done after sahur meal. For example, clearing the table, tidying utensils that have been used and washed them, alias even sweep the house and clean up the kitchen. You can also charge the activities after dawn to chant while looking forward to coming dawn.

Now that's some explanation on the tips of dawn becomes fun together with family you can do
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